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Welcome to Conscious Living.It’s different.And that’s, why it works.Call it magic.

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Plotted for a Dream Home.Excellent layout comprising 30×40 30×50 plots spread over 9 acres.



Greetings from Homz, a building and infrastructure firm specializing in the construction of residential and planned real estate. With cutting-edge design and future concepts, we want to be the best at providing sustainable and ecologically conscious real estate developments. As a business founded on the steadfast foundations of ethics and honesty, we manage our projects with dependable transparency and client communication. The team is dedicated to creating trusting relationships with its clients and delivering them with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Customer feedback has always been given top priority, and we make an effort to include it in our project initiatives.

Committed to leading the world of real estate by delivering projects that are unique and meet the changing needs of tomorrow.

Our Vision

To inspire the world to move towards Conscious Living.To build the world’s most space efficient homes. With fluid designs that allow more efficient use of the square footage, multi-functional rooms and transformative furniture, we promise you a home that is twice its size in technology and luxury.

Our Mission

To transform the very concept of a home into spaces that can be more efficient and intelligent.Through fluid design and futuristic technology, we aim to create communities where homes can be more and do more for you.

Experience the

Intelligence of time.

Our homes are designed in a way that if you are not using something, it need not be there.

Like a bed that fold into the wall and becomes a study table.Like the sofa that becomes a lounger or a bed as per your needs.

Like a centre table that can also become a dining table or an iron board.

Experience the

Fluidity of space.

Flexibility increases functionality.A space used during the day repurposed for the night in seconds

A bedroom that can also double up as a study.

A bed also functions as a large storage cabinet.

Combine all your rooms to create one big party hall.

Here is a gallery of some of our Speciality

The Inspired Home

Modern Comfort

New Craftsman Style

Country Home Renovation

Thoroughly Modern Décor

Updated Uptown Home

Outdoor Spaces

Moving the McGillivrays

French Kitchen Style

Swift to Continuous transformation

& Conscious living

you’ll never go back.

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